Touch Therapy

Jenna uses individualized touch techniques to help you improve the body, mind and heart. Using healing touch to create energetic relationships, this therapy works to clear the energy source of your fixations, addictions, wounds and traumas. This begins lasting changes in your vitality, freeing your natural health and harmony to expand into a relaxed, whole, healthy body. This full session lasts ninety minutes and mixes stimulating, gentle and restorative hand contacts as you lie restful on the table.

Sound Therapy

As you experience your Touch Therapy or Polarity Yoga, support and deepen your healing process with Sound Therapy. This technique uses select ambient sound frequencies from Darrell Brann's Harmonics of Healing series to vibrate specific areas for healing the body, mind and heart, helping restore balance, health and well-being.

Polarity Yoga

Unlock your innate healing potential as Jenna leads you through a series of health-building movements and stretches to work toward clearing the energy sources of repeating struggles, diseases, fixations, fears at the source.

Listen inward as you tune in to you overall wellness and inner harmony.

Guided Meditation

In Polarity Yoga or Touch Therapy sessions, Jenna used meditations to help connect you with deeper parts of your being.


Jenna uses discussion to help you uncover your life path, the source of the current, past and future life goals and issues.