About Polarity:

If you are feeling any of the common feelings of not belonging, being broke, sexually dissatisfied, controlled, broken-hearted, confined, sick or on pain, then your energy body is gently informing your awareness that some choices that you made were off from your purpose. It’s not something we often talk about in our culture, but your physical body is a mirror with your energy body—an invisible network of flowing energy informing your mind, body and feelings of where you fit and how to live in perfect ease and abundance. If your physical mirror is showing a barrier to happiness in the way of disease or unhappiness, some area of your energy isn’t flowing as abundantly and easily as it should. Fortunately, however, energy is so much faster to move than your physical body that it is an easy target for healing.

Polarity is a compassionate and non-invasive energy medicine which helps release obstructions and free your life energy to flow more freely. Whether blockages exist from ignored emotional pain or unhealthy habits of thought, use this therapy for abundance of belonging, safety, power, creativity, sexual ease, close relationships and friendships, love, acceptance and freedom. Jenna spends 90 individualized minutes with you in awareness building, movement practice, meditation, nutritional consultation and touch therapy on a massage table, all focused on you releasing anything holding you from your ease and power.

For more information on how this works, please look at the Frequently Asked Questions page under About.

Dr. Stone

Founder of Polarity Therapy