About Jenna:

Raised in the DC Metro area of Northern Virginia by loving parents from a small farm town in Georgia, Jenna Newsome, BCPP, grew up loving school, cats, good books, sleepovers with her friends, and exploring the local woods and lake.  She completed a BA in English and concentrated in Theatre Tech at the College of William and Mary in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

Eschewing a comfortable professional career, in 2005 Jenna moved to a tent on a mountaintop organic farm in southwestern Virginia.  There, she learned and practiced sustainable living and education.  Health challenges from her youth led her to holistic nutrition, yoga, and counseling, and eventually into spiritual community and Polarity Therapy.  A lover of elegant simplicity, she has found these practices work together to meet her life and wellness goals.  Offering this information back to the world, she completed the three-year Polarity certification and has been practicing since 2007.  She spent much of the last several years working as a spiritual and dance retreat assistant and organizer;  Community-Supported Agriculture, chicken coop, and volunteer facilitator for a small organic farm near Charles Town, West Virginia. She loves wellness and ongoing education for herself and others based in: 

  • inquiry, discovery, creativity, innovation, leadership, and contribution 
  • nature, arts, movement, community, and humanity 
  • purpose, inner freedom, consciousness and spiritual development
and loves sharing these in her personal life and business.  

Jenna now loves living in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.