"Jenna Newsome is a remarkable healer. My polarity treatment with Jenna was gentle, supportive and freeing. In the 90 minute treatment, Jenna released both physical and psychological tensions, leaving me entirely rebalanced with a feeling of complete well-being. I have experienced many, many bodywork treatments from many practitioners and rank Jenna at the very top.”

--LT, Bethesda, MD

Quotes You are a fabulous teacher - calm, directed and encouraging. Everyone loved your class and felt it was the PERFECT vehicle to embody the teachings of Bhola, 27th generation Napalese Shaman. If I lived closer, I would be taking your class every week. Some participants commented that it was the best nights sleep they have had in a long time. Quotes
RR--Charles Town, WV

Quotes When Jenna does polarity therapy on me I am always reminded that the pain I carry on a daily basis, whether it is from past injuries or emotional pain, is not necessary to carry any longer. I realize each time I see Jenna that I do not need to live with pain! The beauty of Jenna's works is how wonderfully patient she is. She will stay with me on one area for as long as I need in order to work through that pain. As a fellow colleague of Jenna's I am grateful to her for aiding in my healing process. Quotes
AY--Harpers Ferry, WV

Quotes Thank you SO much for the work yesterday, it is the most intense and best work I have received in quite a while. You weren't kidding about it settling into the physical WOW! (Good WOW, mind you.) Quotes
CR--Winchester, VA

Quotes [You are] a very caring person, compassionate well beyond her years. Bless you, dear Jenna!... I would highly recommend your services to any and all Quotes
JJ--Shepherdstown, WV

Quotes Thank you again for a truly amazing experience! I will be trying your suggestions?Again, thank you for being part of my journey to wellness. You do amazing work. Quotes
DP--Charles Town, WV

Quotes "Jenna is one of the best yoga teachers I have had, She is a calming influence while gently encouraging to stretch. She clearly explains the poses as well as the benefit it achieves. Both my body and thinking mind appreciated her approach. At the end of the class, everyone was revitalized in body, mind and spirit. Having Jenna teach a class was the perfect way to end a workshop day. " Quotes
RR--Charles Town, WV

Quotes Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do. I feel really good! I feel more relaxed and have been able to express my joy and love more easily...looking forward to maintaining this sense of well being!!! Quotes
AF--Hedgesville, WV

Quotes Jenna's polarity yoga class helped me to feel grounded and relaxed, without having to put forth the effort of a more vigorous traditional yoga class. It was a good balance of work that included breathing, guided meditation, self-massage, and upper and lower body exercises. I was quite fortunate to experience this class. Quotes
SS--Kent, OH

Quotes I have to credit your session for me having all these fabulous new...clients. I gave work on marketing...The NEXT day after our session...the entire...program was...downloaded...into my brain. I've been struggling with how to present a succinct program of what I have learned in over the past 8 years. It was revealed to me the next day which was a Tuesday... Upon returning to the office the following Wednesday I have NOW 6 ...clients...Thank you. Quotes
KH--Harpers Ferry, WV

Quotes I felt wonderful afterwards. I really would like another session Quotes
AF--Hedgesville, WV