There are often questions about Polarity practices, as Western culture is not very familiar with the ideas of balance and harmony. Feel free to read below to get a better idea about the concepts that guide our practitioners. 


  1. What is Polarity Therapy?

    Polarity Therapy is primarily hands-on energy medicine. If you are in glowing health, feel good, emotionally balanced, mentally stable, at peace, know your place and purpose and are coming in to it, these are all symptoms of a healthy energy body. If you are feeling pain, discomfort, dis-ease, dissatisfaction, or unfulfilled, these are symptoms of a greater problem and blockages in your energy body. Polarity works to help you to clear all your energy blockages to great well-being and alignment with your purpose and vitality, inner balance and outer harmony.

  2. What is Energy?

    Energy is the substance behind all matter. Pure energy is matter moving or vibrating at high frequency, and matter is energy moving or vibrating at a low frequency. Energy is invisible to most people, and can be sensed through other methods, including direct perception and sensation.

  3. What is the energy body?

    In the process of slowing down from pure energy to a human body, the energy moves through a series of energy centers and channels to form a healthy mental, emotional and physical body. These centers and channels are sometimes called the energy body.

  4. What is an energy blockage?

    Between pure energy and your physical body are the thoughts and feelings, which, like the physical body, are slower-vibrating than pure energy that still vibrate faster than the physical form. They help form the whole, healthy being. Because we, as human beings, are thought and emotion sponges until well into childhood, and after that enjoy familiarity, we repeat the same thoughts and feelings we absorbed from our early environment throughout our lives until we are able to view them with awareness. When they are inappropriate for a particular life experience, an energy blockage is stored in the energy body until future consciousness. Now energy channels are not flowing well.

  5. Give me an example of a thought or feeling inappropriate for a particular life experience.

    The thought, “There’s not enough,” in combination with a feeling of fear, is useful if I will die without searching for some food and it motivates me to do so.  This same thought and corresponding feeling is not appropriate if I actually do have enough.  The thought “I’m ugly" may help me see an underlying disease, disorder or imbalance which I need to be aware of.  It may however, actually only be true in one of my parents' eyes according to their standards of beauty, and have been passed on to me, wasting my energy on embarassment or fear.  

  6. How does the energy blockage become a physical problem?

    As the energy body and the physical body are directly connected, until I can release the blockage with consciousness, it grows until physical disease and illness get my attention.

  7. How can I tell if there are energy blockages in my body?

    Flow of life energy feels like health and wellness, and, if that is lacking somewhere, it will appear as anxiety, disease, illness, and tension. It will also affect your outer life, and you may feel stressed and out of balance.

  8. How does Polarity clear energy blockages?

    The touch therapy uses the therapists’ two hands to make a time and place for the energy to find its own way back to a healthy flow. This flow can also be facilitated through consciousness therapy, where your therapist listens and aids your conscious understanding of your life path in balance, through the movements and stretches of Polarity Yoga aiding your energetic self-healing, and nutritional guidelines for wellness maintenance of the energy body. These four therapies may all be used in a Polarity session.

  9. What are balance and harmony?

    Balance and harmony are Polarity Therapy’s stated objectives. Simply put, inner balance is when all healthy human functions are occurring in balance, and outer harmony directly reflects your inner wellness around you and universally.

  10. What are the advantages of using Polarity as a form of healing?

    Polarity is a non-invasive, drug-free from of wellness maintenance. Side effects typically are positive and involve the evolution of the entire human. The therapy is typically relaxing while initiating lasting health changes.

  11. Where did Polarity Therapy come from?

    Polarity is a combination of western medical understanding and eastern energy healing principles, developed by Dr. Randolph Stone. He draws from osteopathy, naturpathy, chiropractic, ayurveda and yoga, amongst several others. He was able to heal clients with remarkable success with what were considered hopeless cases.

  12. Do I need Polarity Therapy?

    Yes. It is an aid to heal from all mental disease, emotional disorders and physical problems. It aids the spiritual aspirant in attaining their enlightenment and all people in uncovering their purpose. Polarity is valuable for easing life change and development, and even dying with ease and satisfaction.

  13. What will happen in the session?

    You will assess your current challenges and wellness goals with your therapist, increasing your awareness and understanding of them and helping develop an idea of the therapy. You will then lie fully-clothed on a massage table for approximately an hour, and the therapist will use their hands to combine stimulating, gentle and still touch on or off the body in helping your energy to move. If thoughts or memories occur which you would like to process, your therapist will be able to help you through that during the session, or you might just relax or even fall asleep.

  14. What will I feel like after the session?

    Immediately, deep relaxation and mental spaciness are common. Water will be offered for helping the mind return to reality. After energy shifts, it can take several days for the physical form to fully align, which can range from pleasant to completely unnoticeable to somewhat difficult for a few days. Please drink water, breathe and rest to help the body through any growing pains.

  15. How do I decide on a treatment?

    Both Polarity touch therapy and Polarity Yoga aid the same energy clearing, and both work well alone and together. Regular classes are available for Polarity Yoga with a group, private sessions are available for developing an individualized health practice you can practice at home and use for life. Touch therapy sessions offer the advantages of healing human contact and deeper relaxation.

  16. What is a Board-Certified Polarity Practitioner?

    Polarity is an intensive study which is both academic and hand-on, intellectual and energetically intuitive, and can be a full three-year study for a student to become fully Board-Certified. Regulated by the American Polarity Therapy Association, this certification confers authority to practice under the title Polarity, and maintains its own standards of ethics.

  17. Is it like Reiki?

    While Reiki involves the therapist channeling of energy into the human being for healing, Polarity uses the therapist as an energetic witness, enabling the client’s own healthy energy flow to control the healing session. Polarity also involves an understanding of western medicine, and is a multi-year certification. Based on the law of three, it takes you energetically through several complete positive, negative and neutral cycles within the session. The complete cycle enables growth and development without relapse.

  18. Is it like acupuncture?

    While acupuncture builds health based on Chinese energy principles, Polarity uses the combination of western medical understanding with Indian, Yogic and Ayurvedic energy principles, and also differs by moving energy through complete cycles.

  19. Where can I learn more about Polarity?

     • The American Polarity Therapy Association maintains a wealth of information at ;

    • Watch this site for upcoming workshops :)

  20. Where can I train to be a Polarity Therapist?

    Somatic Energy Therapies in Berkeley Springs, WV and at Potomac Massage Therapy Institute in DC is run by teachers Johnny Henderson, PhD, RPP, RPE and Tom Langan, RPP, RCST(R), RPE. See their website at: ;


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